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When I was a little girl, I used to say that when I grow up I want to be as famous as my biggest idol Prince. Later on I realized that it wasn't the fame that lit me up, but the sound. It's always been about the sound.


I graduated as a musician in 2007 majoring in electric guitar and 2009 majoring in music technology. After that I did live sound on gigs and in a music theater for a couple of years. In 2011

I began working as a sound engineer at the legendary Finnvox Studios, and stayed there for eight years.

Since early 2019 I've had my own studio Kuohu Records in the oldest part of Helsinki.

I also write music and lyrics, play the guitar in Likka, a cover band, and have my own solo project Oona Kapari. I make music in many ways and for me, it's a dream come true.

I love recording. You get to spend time with talented and lovely people and create something special in the moment. Everybody's focused and concentrated and I get really excited when things sound good.

I love mixing the most. It's very artistic, like painting or sculpting and you can reach a wonderful state of flow. I feel that the program I mix with, Pro Tools, is my main instrument now. When mixing, it's all about the sound. I love my Pro Tools, my plugins and my speakers.

I love producing because it's the one thing where I get to combine all the things I've learned during my years of working within the field of music. It's a fragile process, but after juggling for a while, when I finally have all the balls neatly in the basket, we take a deep breath, step back and see that we've made an album that feels good and sounds good. That's when you really feel you've achieved something.

Please take a moment to listen to my work and if you have a project in mind don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to hear from you and see what we can do together!


Yours truly, Oona


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